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We specialize in evicting tenants who are not paying rent, causing damage to the property, or violating their lease agreement. We can help you through every step of the eviction process.


If you need to recover possession of your property, we can help you through the legal process. Our team has extensive experience in representing landlords in real estate disputes.


As a landlord, you have legal rights that our team can help you protect. We can assist you in navigating the complex legal landscape of real estate law.


We can help you draft and review lease agreements to protect your interests and ensure compliance with applicable laws.


Efficient Evictions

Sooner or later, most landlords find that they need to evict a tenant. The process can be confusing and can get expensive if not done correctly. We are here to help! We offer reasonable rates and will handle the process from start to finish. Our practice is entirely dedicated and immersed exclusively in helping landlords with their tenant matters. 


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Rob W. Trickler, PLLC

From evictions to protecting and improving the rights of landlords through my legislative work as the longest-serving president of the state’s oldest landlord support and advocacy group, the Washington Rental Owners Association, formerly known as the Washington Apartment Association. Alongside the lobby team we employ, I have drafted and passed bills to aid landlords, as well as fought against and defeated those that would harm our industry. I have also drafted and helped develop forms for landlords, now widely used in the industry. Additionally, I regularly speak and educate landlords in various venues such as the Trends Northwest Trade Show, where I served as this year’s president and have been a board member for many years.

On a personal note, I reached this point through perseverance. As a proud veteran of the Marine Corps, I still take pride in giving back by representing our military servicemen and women today. I put myself through undergraduate school and law school while working in leadership positions in the high-tech industry and raising my three children as a single father. The result is the highest level of integrity and a can-do attitude, which are not just slogans but the essence of who I am. I deeply respect and appreciate my clients, and as a landlord myself, I understand the difficulties and frustrations they bring to me for help on a personal level. I am not a family law or general practice attorney merely checking another box to make more money. Representing landlords is both my professional and personal passion.

Rob W. Trickler, PLLC
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